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SKL Risk Consultants are Your Outsourced Risk Management Team

 Helping You To Prevent Catastrophic Business Outcomes

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We Partner With Your Business

Call us if you don’t have a risk manager or can’t afford a full-time risk manager. Your business receives the same attention and expertise as multi-billion dollar clients.

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Risk Reduction Translates into Dollar Savings to Your Bottom Line

We help you determine where your programs can be enhanced.

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Welcome! SKL Risk Consultants has an International reputation for diplomatically shifting company culture that improves the safety of employees, reduces enterprise risks, and saves employers $MMs in needless costs.

Sandra K. Little MBA, CPCU, ARM, CRM, CIC, RIMS-CRMP Principal • SKL Risk Consultants, LLC Phoenix, AZ

Owner/Principal SKL Risk Consultants, Phoenix, AZ

Sandra K. Little  is an experienced risk professional who provides customized risk management consulting services to help you reduce risk and associated costs, ensure compliance and improve overall performance. She can work with you to develop a deeper understanding of your business vulnerabilities and exposures, and together we can protect your assets and minimize risk across your organization.

Ms. Little is sought out for expertise in building from the ground up enterprise and traditional risk management programs for $B global companies.

She is an award-winning leader and a recognized, national public speaker/educator in the risk management industry. She is known for smoothly navigating communication among all levels in an organization from C-level to hourly employees.

SKL Risk Management offers consultation ranging from insurance coverage and risk management assessments and redesign of risk management and claims workflows, to specific exposure analysis and customized risk management support.

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We provide personalized Risk Management services and will custom tailor a program to meet your specific needs.

about skl risk managment

About SKL

Sandra K. Little, MBA, CPCU, ARM, CRM, CIC, RIMS-CRMP is a 20+ Year experienced Risk and Insurance Professional.

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skl risk managment professional services

Professional Services

We take a comprehensive view of financial and non-financial risks to help our clients stay a step ahead, ensuring they are prepared for tomorrow.

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skl risk managment educational services

Educational Services

We coach any level of professional needing assistance and education for career development and job performance enhancement purposes.

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What is Risk Management?

Simply put, a risk management consultant is an advisor who helps organizations and individuals assess their risk and develop a plan to minimize their exposure to loss. At SKL Risk Consultants we have a proven process to help you identify and assess material risks across your entire organization.

what is risk management
why does your business need risk management

Why Does Your Business Need a Risk Management Strategy?

SKL Risk Consultants analyze risk from an integrated perspective. We explore the risk relationships within your organization to create a more sophisticated understanding of your company’s material risks.

Whether your company is just beginning the enterprise risk management journey or has an established framework in place, we can assist you in your efforts.

Your Business Partner in Risk Management

As your outsourced risk management team, SKL Risk Consultants seeks to partner with your business. Call us – if you don’t have a risk manager, can’t afford a full time risk manager, just need help with insurance purchase options because it’s confusing, or perhaps you never thought about risk management before. We will provide customized services and tailor a program to meet your specific operational needs. Your business receives the same attention and expertise as multi-billion dollar clients.


Our experience is wide-ranging, so if you are one of the following – please contact us for a consultation:


  • Business owner or C-level executive
  • Treasurer, Attorney, Human Resources Manager, Safety Manager or other
  • Insurance purchaser for your firm or have risk management responsibilities
  • Any other firm seeking an insurance program review
  • Insurance agent or broker seeking assistance for your clients
  • Associations
  • Public entities

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