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Sandra K. Little MBA, CPCU, ARM, CRM, CIC, RIMS-CRMP Principal • SKL Risk Consultants, LLC Phoenix, AZ

Owner/Principal SKL Risk Consultants, Phoenix, AZ

Sandra K. Little  is an experienced risk professional who provides customized risk management consulting services to help you reduce risk and associated costs, ensure compliance and improve overall performance. She can work with you to develop a deeper understanding of your business vulnerabilities and exposures, and together we can protect your assets and minimize risk across your organization.

Ms. Little is sought out for expertise in building from the ground up enterprise and traditional risk management programs for $B global companies.

She is an award-winning leader and a recognized, national public speaker/educator in the risk management industry. She is known for smoothly navigating communication among all levels in an organization from C-level to hourly employees.

SKL Risk Management offers consultation ranging from insurance coverage and risk management assessments and redesign of risk management and claims workflows, to specific exposure analysis and customized risk management support.

Hannah R Huryk

Hannah R Huryk
Managing Director / Client Relations

Hannah Huryk has spent many years in the Insurance industry handling direct claims and reinsurance claims, both ceded and assumed, run off and current business. Hannah’s experience focused, in large part on some of the most complex claims involving pollution, asbestos and long-term exposure and sexual molestation. She is an expert in the Reinsurance space and has developed strong partnership and training skills as director of various teams throughout her 30-year career in claims.

Hannah is passionate about communication, service and partnership with clients to clearly determine needs and to ensure that those needs are met, and more. With years of experience leading teams to high performance and partnering with a wide variety of P&C claims teams, brokers, lawyers, accountants, IT professionals and executives, Hannah is well positioned to assist you with your questions and concerns about your risk profile. Her ability to translate the complex jargon of insurance and risk will help you build a communication bridge with others that will help explain how to efficiently and cost effectively address your risks.

Hannah has a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Chemistry and Pollution Control from Stockton University, in Pomona NJ. She has engaged in several leadership and communication seminars and holds a certificate of Servant Leadership from Viterbo University, La Crosse, WI.

Linda Seidler

Linda Siedler
Risk and Claims Consultant

Linda Siedler is a consultant who partners with Risk Management, corporate officers, local employees, insurance brokers, claims personnel, and customers. After enjoying many years working in personal lines – claims, she worked toward her position as a commercial claims manager, for policies written in all 50 United States, before transferring to reinsurance as a consultant.

Linda has a passion for working closely with Fortune 500 corporations to small mom-and-pop shops, judges to attorneys to clients, and bodily injuries to property damage claims. She naturally treats companies and individuals with respect and understanding to facilitate a favorable solution while considering the facts.

Over her many years of employment with insurance companies, Linda has received multiple awards and accommodations internally and from United Way. She successfully completed continuing education coursework over the years to maintain her licenses, to increase her work knowledge, and to become a better person, manager and employee. Linda has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Gonzaga University. She also has a K-8 Teaching Certification and Yoga Instructor Certification.

Julian Huryk

Julian Huryk
Executive Assistant/ Bookkeeper

Julian Huryk is the Executive Assistant at SKL Risk Consultants. He’s based out of Wausau, WI and graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.

Julian excels at administration and has been engaged in a wide variety of customer service roles since graduation. His work for customer relations call centers for American Express and for CapTel, a company that manages and transcribes phone calls for the hearing impaired, has resulted in several employee awards and bonuses for his efficient handling of customer concerns. His top priority is always to ensure that there are resources available to resolve any problem, regardless of the complexity, to the customer’s satisfaction.

Julian is dedicated to his work both at home and in the office, with an eye for detail and a love of technology. When he isn’t crunching numbers on a computer, he enjoys using math to create patterns and custom costumes on special commission, acting and visiting various renaissance faires around Wisconsin and the country.

George Pisaruk

George Pisaruk
Legal Consultant

George is an accomplished and experienced business attorney and supply chain professional with a strong business acumen. His extensive background in corporate law , data privacy and security, and supply chain and logistics, makes him a valuable asset for our clients. George possesses a diverse skill set that enables him to offer comprehensive legal and business services across various industries and business sectors. His prior experience includes working for companies such as, Plexus Worldwide, Seacret, Origami Owl, Kendle, Inc., ICrossing, Tiens Group (Beijing China), Isagenix, Westinghouse Electric, Hewlett-Packard, Molex, and the United States Department of Justice.

Mr. Pisaruk has over 25 years’ experience in law and business with private (small and large), publicly traded, and non-profit companies. Mr. Pisaruk has a proven track record of providing legal and business services to companies on a variety of issues and topics, including:

  • Direct Sales
  • Contracts
  • Employment Law Matters and Policies
  • Data Privacy
  • Corporate Governance
  • Intellectual Property and Licensing
  • Business Combinations (including M&A)
  • Compliance
  • Transactional Matters
  • Non-Profits
  • International Expansion (including transfer pricing)
  • Real Estate Leasing
  • Supply Chain Management and Operations
  • Record Retention

Mr. Pisaruk received his Bachelor of Science degree in Purchasing/Operations Productions Management from Arizona State University, his MBA from Arizona State University, and his JD from the University of Nebraska. Mr. Pisaruk is a member of the Arizona State Bar and has lectured in the past at the State Bar of Arizona, Arizona State University, the American Graduate School of Management (Thunderbird), the University of Nevada-Las Vegas and the American Corporate Counsel Association. Mr. Pisaruk also held the position of Chair of the Legal Committee for AZ Technology Council and was a finalist for the American Corporate Counsel Association (ACCA) Corporate Counsel of the Year for FY2018.

On a personal level Mr. Pisaruk enjoys time with his family, including his wife and two wonderful daughters. He also enjoys playing golf as often as the weather will allow and is an avid hockey fan.

Jay Forde | JF Designs

Jay Forde
Creative Technology Consultant

JF Designs was established in 1991 with a strong vision to provide technology and design solutions for entrepreneurs in the business world. Their passion is to support small businesses, and they have been doing this for over three decades. JF Designs is a creative technology and consulting business that provides services such as collateral identity, graphic design, web development, and photography.

Jay Forde began his career at an award winning Seattle design agency, where he created web solutions for major corporations, including Microsoft, Nintendo, Esterline Technologies, RazorFish, and Xilinx. He also served as the Communication Director for a non-profit in the Seattle-Tacoma area, managing branding identity, providing organizational leadership, staff development, public speaking, and training.

As a small business branding expert, Jay takes pride in delivering exceptional results. He leverages his more than 30 years of experience to provide strategic listening and creative thinking to each meeting and project. This approach enables him to help his clients avoid costly mistakes in their branding and marketing efforts.

Jay believes that branding and promotion do not need to be complex. Therefore, he has simplified his methods, making it easy for his clients to understand how to brand and promote their business effectively. His clients have experienced impressive results, leading to a strong record of profitable partnerships that last for years.

After JF Designs completes a web development project, they offer their clients web site content management that includes basic website security, ongoing optimization, with routine updates to security and core technology.

Jay is a married family man with a son who works as a technology professional at a leading gaming company and a daughter who is pursuing her doctorate in Architectural Design at Harvard University. He takes pleasure in coaching decision-makers on their branding strategy, providing full-service solutions to help them achieve their goals.

JF Designs remains committed to challenging their clients to reach their personal and professional best.

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